Britas international is professional trader of Adhesive ,Paint, Coatings and Inks, Pharmaceuticals, Perfume, Plastics products. Britas international offers comprehensive services for various industry products of the highest quality and standards at competitive prices.

We strive for “JUST IN TIME” delivery and other inventory and product control methodologies to minimize inventory costs. We track and analyze international and domestic price movements and trends of entire product chain from crude to downstream products. Our strong supply chain ensures timely delivery of products and makes us capable of fulfilling your requirement for Wholesale & Retail at any point of time. We are regarded as the one stop destination for offering complete solution for all customer requirements.

Reasons to select Britas International

  • Extensive industry expertise
  • High quality, reliable and effective products
  • Advanced support to customized products
  • Proven ability in successful execution of small as well as bulk orders
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer focused approach.
Thanks to our international relations we are in a position to provide all kind of products, especially products that are hard-to-find in many sector worldwide.

We have a greater awareness of the fast changing chemical industry, we are equipped to provide a fast and efficient service with consistent availability of products at any given time. Our expertise is in the ability of our team to source and provide our customers with high quality products from our extensive network of licensed wholesalers world wide.

This relationship enables us to show a clear audit trail which is ever more important in today's market.

Britas's "fit for purpose" methodology and staffing services position our clients to achieve more profitable operations and strategic growth.
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